Three Frankfurt tours for kids

Finding animals in Frankfurt..

This tour will give children a first insight into the history of Frankfurt using a unique and engaging method. We ask them to guess and search for animal figures in the old town. All around the Römerberg and up to the stock market (where the tour ends) they will discover fish, eagles, oxen and much more. They will not be able to wait to hear the stories that lie hidden behind those figures!

Historical Frankfurt through a child’s eyes

This tour incorporates stories and myths with current issues. We visit the Catherdral to see the mysterious grave of a young girl and experience what an imperial coronation must have felt like based on stories and images. In St. Paul’s Church we are in the perfect place to explain difficult concepts such as democracy and parliamentary power in a way that the children will remember and enjoy.

The towers of Frankfurt

In this tour children will receive a first insight into the amazing architecture around Frankfurt. What is a skyscraper, and where was the first tower erected? How are skyscrapers built and why is this a very special challenge in this city? Many exciting examples in the old part of the city and the new financial district are examined.

Tip: You could combine this tour with a visit to the Maintower or one could climb the 328 steps up to the top of the Catherdral tower for fantastic views over the city.

Entrance Maintower: € 6,50, reduced € 4,50

Entrance Catherdral tower: Adult € 3,00, Child € 1,50