The “Kaisermarkt”

– The Emperor’s market with tasting –

“Small but delicious” is the theme of this weekly market – which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday – in the heart of Frankfurt’s lively station district.

Perfectly located, one cannot resist trying out the local and international delicacies available at the stalls. In addition to the culinary aspect of this tour, you also get information about the district, which, like no other in Frankfurt, has undergone an incredible transformation. We will also talk of the significance of markets to Frankfurt since the Middle Ages and what they mean today.

Culinary delights from the region, as well as exotic specialities, will be tasted during the tour. Have you ever tried “hay milk” products or Korean Bibimbab? We will sample these and more at selected stores and market stalls before ending with a glass of wine and a cheese selection.

The combination of local produce and international specialities perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the railway station district.