Frankfurt’s women…

This tour is dedicated to a number of important Frankfurt women and their work. They all lived at a time in which there was little space for energetic and inventive women. This makes their stories even more remarkable:
Clara Schumann was first called to Frankfurt in 1878 as the “first piano teacher” for the newly founded Dr. Hoch’s Conservatory. She stayed until her death in 1896 and became famous as a pianist and composer.

Bettine Brentano was born in Frankfurt. She was adored as a young girl by Johann W. Goethe as well as being a close friend of Catharina Elisabeth Goethe, Goethe’s mother. She grew into one of the most important feminists of her time.

Maria Sybilla Merian was a Frankfurt artist and naturalist. She became a pioneer of modern entomology whose pursuit took her and her daughter as far as Surinam (quite a challenge for two ladies at the end of the 17th century). The wealth of knowledge she published is still used as reference material today.

I’d like to bring alive the goals and dreams of the Frankfurt women who helped to change the world we live in.