The Campus Westend and IG Farben…

Since 2001, the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University has made the beautiful grounds and buildings of the former IG Farben chemical group its main campus.

Just next door is the Grüneburg Park, laid out in the English style – and next to that the famous palm garden as well as the botanical garden. Combined, it makes an enormous green gardened area right in the middle of the town.

During our stroll we will talk about how this all came to be, starting 250 years ago when it was part of the fruit orchards of the Goethe family, later becoming home to Germany’s first modern psychiatric hospital and then on to IG Farben in 1931.

The buildings are quite unique and are often referred to by the name of the architect Hans Poelzig. When the main building was constructed it was the largest office building in Europe!

I recommend to combine this tour with “The founding of Westend until the present day”.