The rebirth of the old Frankfurt

Angela Loose2022-01-12T20:15:01+01:00

The rebirth of the old Frankfurt... The reconstruction of Frankfurt's Old Town on the site [...]

First time in Frankfurt?

Angela Loose2022-01-12T20:10:47+01:00

First time in Frankfurt? You have just arrived and naturally you would like to have [...]

Frankfurt history in a nutshell

Angela Loose2022-01-12T20:08:27+01:00

Frankfurt history in a nutshell... In this tour, we will cover ancient Frankfurt to the [...]

Römer & Kaisersaal

Angela Loose2019-07-14T20:53:47+02:00

Römer & Kaisersaal... This historic hall contains all the portraits of the 52 emperors of [...]

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